Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Liberal Attack Ad Parodies

Go to this link for hilarity at the expense fo the liberals.

Stephen Harper.

He Goes Shopping.

At Stores, in Malls.

He bought at shirt at American Eagle Once.

American Eagle is an American Company.

Where is Stephen Harper getting his clothes? From America?

We dont know.

He just isnt saying.

Choose your Canada.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Lie-beral Attack Ads

In their attempt to assasinate the character of Stephen Harper, a dozen or so new attack ads have surfaced on the liberal party website.
Created by American firms (oh the irony) exceprts from various news articles in the Washington post, to old Stephen Harper quotes are replayed amidst the dramatic sounds of a beating drum.

They are so ridiculous, childish and desperate, I can imagine that they will backfire against the liberal's, and only resonate with the terrorists.
After all, every single new attack ad lamblasts the United States, Conservatism and Right Wing Politics of our neighbours to the south. In fact, open your window every time you see one of these ads aire on television so you can hear the spattering of machine guns being shot in the air by "Mohammed" and "Achmed" (and other varous members of Al Queda terrorist sleeper cells) who are discharging their illegal, un registered firearms in a moment of sheer anger.

After the administration of the United States view these attack ads purportrated by the liberals, I will be pleasantly surprised if they dont invade Canada if the Liberals win another Minority government.

Here is a transcript of an ad that was deemed not 'tactful' enough and subsequently went un aired:

(Dramatic Army Batallion drums beating in the background)
Stephen Harper only has 4 friends that are homosexuals........
........In 1992 Hotel Records indicate he stole a Shower Towel from the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.....What else will he steal if he is Prime Minister?............
Stephen Harper didn't tip a black waitress the appropriate 10% on his restaurant bill........

Oh the Lunacy in the Liberal Party.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

History Lesson

Last week, our good friend in Ottawa, Paul Martin dug up an old Stephen Harper speech, almost 10 years old to the day, that illustrates - in Paul Martin's mind - someone with a secret agenda.

Just for giggles, I thought I would do some digging myself and found that Mr. Martin hold's Alfonso Gagliano (Person at the centre of the Adscam) in high regard. So what if these passionate speeches by martin were made before Adscam happened? Ancient history right?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Paul Martin, Captain Canada....errr Barbados

Paul Martin Wraps Himself in the Canadian Flag....Except For His Business Interests.

Great speech by Paul Martin today. Had I recently underwent a labotamy I would have beleived half of it.

Take a look at these links that expose Paul Martin's lies, hypocracies and blatant disregard for Canada and playing 'fair'.....essentially Paul Martin avoiding paying taxes that fund the very social programs he has advocated as 'essential' to Canada.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Empty Lie-beral Promises

Interesting. I am reading Rousseau's Social Contract and following the Federal Election very closely. Today Stephen Harper's campaign distributed a news release on their 5 major priorities. Essentially, 5 things they promise to orchastrate within their mandate as a governing party. Contrast this with Paul Martin. Martin essentially has 56 Priorities or 56 Promises. Which brought me back to this interesting quote I read by Jean Jacques Rousseau:

He who is slowest
in making a promise is most faithful in its performance.

- Jean Jacques

Martin is always quick to make promises. While Martin galavants across the country and takes time out of his busy schedule of shameless photo ops with infant aboriginals, he is never far from a microphone promising either money or policy or both. This pathetic pandering to minorities with empty promises is upsetting to someone who is a scholar of political affairs, however, to the absent minded general public who rely on CBC for all their news, it's equivalent to a sermon from Billy Graham.


Stupid Lie-berals

Who Would You Vote For?

I find it ironic that the leader of the Liberal Party embodies the party's core value of privilege and entitlement. You see Paul Martin was raised with a silver spoon. Born into a wealthy family, Mr. Martin (whose dad was a federal minister) probably never really experienced the value of an honest hard day's work. Education payed for by his parents, he sailed through college and eventually went on to study law at the University of Toronto. Paul Martin's Steamship Lines Business is an inheritance from his father's family - i find it interesting to point out that he registers that business entity in the carribean so as to avoid paying federal taxes.

I wonder if someone did a study that documented how many Federal Liberal MP candidates or in the last Liberal Caucus are Millionaires or close to it. I bet you any money that evidence would show Liberals are disproportionately wealthy and living well beyond their means as opposed to NDP or Conservative Candidates. Perhaps thats why they need such "Lavish" Spending and are used to the culture of "Entitlement" we have seen in this government.

Contrast this with the Federal Conservatives. Leader Stephen Harper, by no means was born into a wealthy family. In fact he has roots in the economic disaster we all know as Newfoundland. Rather then spending his early adult years plotting schemes of how to avoid paying federal taxes like Mr. Martin, Harper immersed himself into academics, earning his masters in Economics at the University of Calgary.

The point of this posting is this.
A vote for the liberals is a vote for Entitlement.
A vote for the liberals is a vote for the spoiled rich kid in school whose parents paid for everything
A vote for the liberals is a vote for lavish spending
A vote for the liberals if a vote for irreponsible impuslive spending
A vote for the liberals is a vote for the corrupt
A vote for the liberals if a vote for the 5% of the wealthy who control this country

Stand up for Hard work. Vote Conservative
Stand up for Moral Values. Vote Conservative
Stand up for Accountability. Vote Conservative
Stand up for the Middle Class. Vote Conservative

Stand up for Canada. Vote Conservative.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Toronto Gun Violence

It has been 3 days since the shooting and now finally the media is shedding light on the purpotrators of the crime. Yet again, Black Gang members.

At first they failed to say the suspects were "Black Males" so as to limit outcry that all black males are criminals and gangsters and thugs. However, as Jean Chretien would say "the proof is in the proof is in the proof, is in the proof" or something like that. Look at the statistics, of all the homicides in Toronto, the suspects are disproportionately Black. I am not suggesting all black people in Toronto are thugs or criminals. However, we must acknowledge that a certain 'gang mentality' exists within a certain subset of society that is only encouraged by gangster rap, which we are too scared to denounce.

I find it hilarious how PM Paul Martin and Toronto Mayer David Miller blame the shootings on 'poverty' and 'exclusion' in society. Paul Martin also openly blames the gang violence and shootings in Toronto on the United States terrible gun laws and how guns are leaking across the border into Canada into the hands of criminals. I find this assessment funny. Doesn't the United States have similar qualms with Canada's lax Drug laws, and how the decriminalization of Marijuana is leading to the export of Cannibas to the homes of the United States? Ofcourse this hypocracy is too complicated for most 'feeble minded' Liberals to understand.

How is it that eastern europeans from war torn countries such as Serbia are not forming gangs and killing innocent bystanders? Most of these immigrants are just as poor as immigrants who have come from the Carribean, Africa etc etc and are at more of a disadvantage because there is a language barrier and they are perhaps the 'newest wave' of immigrants that have arrived in our country.

The media has recently interviewed a Black Gang Member from the Streets of Toronto who blames their situation on society. Apparently, they resort to using drugs because of poverty, and ofcourse they are in poverty because selling drugs is less lucrative than working at McDonalds (sarcastically)
The solution is to revamp our whole justice system. Currently our laws are a joke. There is a revolving door policy when it comes to thugs, drug dealers, gangsters and delinquents. Minimal penalties that consist of multiple year jail sentences should be imposed on illegal gun possessions charges. I strongly beleive that these criminal youths that are involved in the shootings dont care about the reprucussions, so some may argue that jail time is not effective and we must 'rehabilitate'.
How do you rehabilate criminals that are willing to mimic rap characters on TV, but refuse to pull themselves out of poverty by working menial jobs which will inherently lead to bigger and better things if they have a good work ethic? Perhaps they can be rehabilitated just like Tookie Williams if we send them to jail and have them await their death by lethal injection? (insert liberal gasps here).
No, the point of jail is not rehabilitation, rather, removing these dangerous elements off of our streets, neighbourhoods and society at large. Innocent lives should not be sacrificed all in the name of liberal, hippy, doctrine that borders on irrational.