Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Toronto Gun Violence

It has been 3 days since the shooting and now finally the media is shedding light on the purpotrators of the crime. Yet again, Black Gang members.

At first they failed to say the suspects were "Black Males" so as to limit outcry that all black males are criminals and gangsters and thugs. However, as Jean Chretien would say "the proof is in the proof is in the proof, is in the proof" or something like that. Look at the statistics, of all the homicides in Toronto, the suspects are disproportionately Black. I am not suggesting all black people in Toronto are thugs or criminals. However, we must acknowledge that a certain 'gang mentality' exists within a certain subset of society that is only encouraged by gangster rap, which we are too scared to denounce.

I find it hilarious how PM Paul Martin and Toronto Mayer David Miller blame the shootings on 'poverty' and 'exclusion' in society. Paul Martin also openly blames the gang violence and shootings in Toronto on the United States terrible gun laws and how guns are leaking across the border into Canada into the hands of criminals. I find this assessment funny. Doesn't the United States have similar qualms with Canada's lax Drug laws, and how the decriminalization of Marijuana is leading to the export of Cannibas to the homes of the United States? Ofcourse this hypocracy is too complicated for most 'feeble minded' Liberals to understand.

How is it that eastern europeans from war torn countries such as Serbia are not forming gangs and killing innocent bystanders? Most of these immigrants are just as poor as immigrants who have come from the Carribean, Africa etc etc and are at more of a disadvantage because there is a language barrier and they are perhaps the 'newest wave' of immigrants that have arrived in our country.

The media has recently interviewed a Black Gang Member from the Streets of Toronto who blames their situation on society. Apparently, they resort to using drugs because of poverty, and ofcourse they are in poverty because selling drugs is less lucrative than working at McDonalds (sarcastically)
The solution is to revamp our whole justice system. Currently our laws are a joke. There is a revolving door policy when it comes to thugs, drug dealers, gangsters and delinquents. Minimal penalties that consist of multiple year jail sentences should be imposed on illegal gun possessions charges. I strongly beleive that these criminal youths that are involved in the shootings dont care about the reprucussions, so some may argue that jail time is not effective and we must 'rehabilitate'.
How do you rehabilate criminals that are willing to mimic rap characters on TV, but refuse to pull themselves out of poverty by working menial jobs which will inherently lead to bigger and better things if they have a good work ethic? Perhaps they can be rehabilitated just like Tookie Williams if we send them to jail and have them await their death by lethal injection? (insert liberal gasps here).
No, the point of jail is not rehabilitation, rather, removing these dangerous elements off of our streets, neighbourhoods and society at large. Innocent lives should not be sacrificed all in the name of liberal, hippy, doctrine that borders on irrational.


Blogger Ottawa Core said...

the core of the problem is the socialist welfare state canada has become. there are options in everyone's life. if the poor are offered free money for no effort no product and no benefit to society, as it is at the moment, the time to do whatever they damn well please can't be ameliorated. every human being in this country has a choice. the easiest choice sometimes doesn't benefit the whole. we are looking at a revolution in our country the likes of which has never before happened in our history. the people queing to live in this country is extreme. come to canada, go on welfare, do whatever you want. frightening consequences for the rest of us.

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